Looking for the hotel directory? We have removed it from the room for better hygiene and you now have them, digitally, in your hand.

Room cleaning.

We will NOT clean the room during your stay. So you also have to make your own bed. After your stay, your room will be completely disinfected by a specialized external company.

If you would like fresh towels within 3 days, please ask reception and they will accomodate you.

If you stay with us longer than 3 days, you will get another, clean, room after 3 days.


Your room has been completely disinfected beforehand. At the hotel entrance, next to the checkin/out machines and all public toilets extra hand sanitizer for your use.

Extra towels

If you need extra towels, call us by dailing number 9 on the hotel phone or send us a Whatsapp message at 0031 6 830 666 87  with your name and room number and we will bring them to your room.