It will be slightly different than usual at Eden hotels, but still "a time to remember".

To accomplish this there are some rules we have to follow. We kindly ask for your cooperation in this matter, so we can we can make these days unforgettable for everyone.

Perhaps you have already read them: The Eden House rules. Measures and guidelines we have drafted to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. Social distancing.
Maintain 1.5 meters distance between yourself, other guests and our colleagues.

2. Stay home if you have symptoms.
Do you have a cold or other symptoms that can be related to flue or COVID-19? Please stay home!  If you show any signs of sickness upon arrival or during your stay, it is possible that we cannot accommodate you. In our pre arrival e-mails we ask you to fill out a questionnaire to check if you are healthy at that time. Upon arrival we repeat this questionnaire to make sure you are still feeling well.  

3. Follow the instructions.
Follow the instructions of our colleagues. This way we can guarantee a safe environment.

4. Disinfect.
At every entrance we have a disinfection point. Please disinfect before entering. If possible also disinfect your luggage. Our public areas and the so called ‘ touch-points’ are cleaned regularly.

5. Our Lobby policy.
We kindly ask you to enter the lobby area only if needed. Maintain 1.5 meters distance between yourself, other guests and our colleagues. Do you have any questions? Please dial 9 on your in-room phone or send us a WhatsApp message. We are happy to assist!

6. Prevent gatherings: also in your room.
Besides maintaining the social distance at any time we ask you to prevent gatherings in the hotel. This also applies to the corridors, stairways and elevators. Only the registered guests and quantity of guest for that specific room are allowed in the room.  

7. Keep to the beaten track.
Walking directions are indicated throughout the hotel to mark the direction. Our colleagues are more than happy to explain further, if so required.

8. Stay fit: take the stairs.
When possible take the stairs instead of the elevator. Rules for use of elevator are communicated near the elevators.

9. Enjoy a nice (and safe) meal.
At our hotel we serve a mean breakfast! You can communicate a pick up time at  the check in desk and pick it up at the requested time. This is the best way to ensure a vibrant start of your day! Other beverages and food, that we are allowed to offer, can also be picked up a the check in desk. Just order, pick-up and enjoy! Tasty as always, but fully compliant with the COVID-19 measures. After 20.00 we unfortunately are not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.

10. Pay with plastic.
You can pay your invoice by pin, credit card or cash, but due to COVID-19 we prefer the cards and contactless if possible.

11. Always wear a mouth mask indoors.
We like to set a good example. Due to the increases in infections we wear mouth masks when in or about the hotel. We do this to protect you, our colleagues, ourselves and our loved ones. We urge you to join us. When you sit down, you can take of the mouth mask. This rule applies to all public areas within the Netherlands.

12. Smile and enjoy!
Although things are different let’s not forget to enjoy this time of the year. It still remains the most wonderful time. Please relax, let us take care of you and have a great stay!